Recycle Santa is
coming to town!

Dreaming of a 'Green Christmas' this year? Help us make the holidays more sustainable by hosting a Toy Swap party in your community!

Recycle Santa

Recycle Santa has one wish: Toy Swap parties all over the globe.
Will you help him spread this 'Green Christmas' message?

Recycle Santa

Why buy new toys each year when you can swap for them? Swapping not only saves money, but also helps cut down on the number of toys cluttering your home. Recycle Santa's Mission is to help families around the world to give their unwanted toys a new life through toy exchanges. It’s the ideal way to make your holidays both sustainable and affordable.

The Recycle Santa toy exchange is already a huge hit in the Netherlands, where it’s known as Recycle Sint. Toy exchanges have been held there for the past five years in a row. We make it easy for you to organize your very own event. Ready to get started? >How it works< Recycle Santa is happy to help!

Interested in attending a Recycle Santa toy exchange near you? Find your nearest event here.


The beauty of Recycle Santa is that it’s local, small-scale, and can be held anywhere.

Interested in hosting a toy exchange in your community? We’ve created a handy Toolkit to help you get started. Choose a date, book a location (a classroom, gymnasium, or community center would be perfect), and invite all the parents you know. You’ll find a customizable flyer in our Toolkit, as well as a checklist and an example of how to sort toys into groups based on value. Everything you need for a smooth, successful swap!

Want to participate in a Recycle Santa toy exchange? Gather up your kids’ unwanted toys, games and stuffed animals and take them to a Recycle Santa near you. Instead of gathering dust in your home, those toys can put a smile on another child’s face. And just imagine how delighted your own children will be with their new toys! Talk about a win-win situation.

Download the toolkit

Meet Recycle Santa's helpers

Recycle Santa


My goal with Recycle Santa is to inspire people to do something, however simple, that makes a difference to themselves and to the world around them. Join the movement and help make the world a better place.

Recycle Santa


My house was absolutely overflowing with toys and though my kids insist that there’s always room for more, it just seemed absurd to keep buying more stuff. The Recycle Santa concept helps me feel a bit better about holiday gift-giving.

Recycle Santa

Bianca Pipping

So many of the toys we buy for our children are only played with for a relatively short period of time. One of the reasons people keep buying new things is that they enjoy giving. Swapping unwanted toys is not only better for the environment, but it provides people with a positive way of giving their children something new.

Santa's Toy Swaps


Will you be the first of Recycle Santa's
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Recycle Santa is crossing boarders,
Will he arrive in your town?!

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Recycle Santa is on his way!?


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Organize your very own Recycle Santa!


Join the fun and get friends and family together to swap toys for Christmas :-)


Toy Swap party in your town?!
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Recycle Santa worldwide

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Recycle Santa has been generating plenty of buzz in the media. We’ve been interviewed by Dutch news radio broadcaster BNR and featured in Happinez Magazine and on ASN Bank’s platform for sustainability initiatives, For the World of Tomorrow.

Already a success in the Netherlands, we’re ready to take on the rest of the world!

Will you help us spread the word? Make sure to let your local media know you’re organizing a Recycle Santa toy exchange!

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